>> CULTURE : 21st May 2014 – 9:00 pm – Mahadevbhai –

Written & Directed by Ramu Ramanathan – Produced & performed by Jaimini Pathak

Place : Prithvi Theatre – Juhu

Mahadevbhai - Written & Directed by Ramu Ramanathan - Produced & performed by Jaimini Pathak

Mahadevbhai – Written & Directed by Ramu Ramanathan – Produced & performed by Jaimini Pathak


>> GLOBAL ECONOMIC SUMMIT : January 20-22, 2010
On Trade & Investment Opportunities – Venue : The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai
Organised by the World Trade Centre Mumbai, with the support of the EIEBG Mumbai club
Registration: Tel: 91 22 66387377 / 79/ 92 Fax: 91 22 22180823/ 8385

Please download the following document : Mumbai dans - Archives pdf 1001bombayregistrationformindian.pdf


>> SPECIAL DINER : The Cambridge Society and the EIEBG are delighted to invite you for the launch of our Mumbai Club

Date : Friday 20 June 2008
Time : 19.00 pm
Venue :
Royal Bombay Yacht Club, Opp. Gateway of India, Near Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai 400001

The programme during this special occasion will be as follows :

19.00-19.30 : Welcoming Cocktail
: Lecture by Dr Jean-Joseph Boillot (co-founder of the EIEBG) on India and the New World.
: Question & Answer Session
: Official Launch of the EIEBG Mumbai Club by Dr J.J.Boillot
: Grand Dinner & Drinks

It will be a privilege to welcome you to the launch of the EIEBG Mumbai Club. Kindly note that there are only 80 places available. As a result, you are requested to confirm your attendance as soon as possible by sending a cheque of Rs 900 in the name of ‘The Royal Bombay Yacht Club’ 

Please enclose a copy of this email invite in the envelope, along with your cheque.

Limited Seats Available. Last date for acceptance of cheques is 5th June 2008.



European countries have become very excited and fascinated by the new India. Indeed trade relations have developed to a large extent and, moreover, there is a wonderful exchange of people and ideas. Today a large number of Indians are venturing out to other countries and Europe has become a principal destination for a majority of them. Likewise, Europeans are are also broadening their horizons and are travelling to different parts of the world. In a nutshell, both Indians and Europeans have become incredibly adventurous, experimental, daring and, undoubtedly, creative in their approach to life.

After two successful years of networking in Europe and with the launch of the Delhi Club in December 2007, the EIEBG has become a very dynamic and innovative platform between India and the new enlarged Europe. In March 2008, a team of promoters, both from India and from Europe, decided to launch the EIEBG Mumbai Club.

Like many other clubs in this genre, this club too will be a project-oriented network and, as a result, will form a bridge between the two continents. Furthermore, EIEBG Mumbai will have a very unique vision which will subsequently link big and small entrepreneurs, bankers and other experts from the world of finance, renowned and young artists, as well as various specialists in Mumbai and other cities in Europe.

The team of two which has played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Mumbai club has each acquired a wide experience in Fashion & Art. They will certainly attempt to revolve the activies of the EIEBG Mumbai Club around those industries which offer tremendous opportunities for growth between the old Europe and the Young India. As always, the Club will remain informal, based on the spirit of cooperation and tremendous goodwill and thereby leading to the promotion of lively, interesting and enjoyable events for all. All in all, EIEBG Mumbai will create an extremely positive and warm atmosphere between Indians and Europeans, which will thereafter facilitate the promotion of links in the process.

Veronique POLES

Contact :

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  1. 15 06 2008
    Dr Shashi Dharmadhikari (21:10:44) :

    Very useful contact point for both Indian and European Industrialists.


    Dr Shashi Dharmadhikari
    General Secretary
    Maharashtra Mandal France

  2. 16 01 2009
    Belkhir SAYAH (12:42:17) :

    To an Bollywood Producer


    Here is the script of a scenario which is bound to give birth to a new series of SF movies = Jurassic Oort MN4.

    The story deals with the disappearance of Dinosaurs. It’s filled with action and passion. I have managed to mix palaeontology with astronomy and added a crave for roman gladiator and middle-ages Japanese samurais, which allows the movie to be both educational and pedagogical.

    I am willing to immediately go to Bollywood to give further information about my plan and I hope an India producer will be interested in it. I can stay there as long as I must to help a movie crew, sharing my ideas and points of views. I am sure it could be a blockbuster and you will be happy with it.

    Sincerely yours,

    Belkhir SAYAH

    Résidence La Marine Bleue – Bât. A8

    39 Boulevard Charles Moretti

    F-13014 Marseille

    E-mail :

    Tel 0033 4 888 600 31