What is the Euro-India Economic and Business Group (EIEBG) ?




Relations between Europe and India are growing dramatically. However many initiatives are taken without the knowledge that other similar initiatives are in place or have been initiated.

Hence the Euro-India Economic and Business Group (EIEBG), an informal network which offers a single platform for contacts and exchanges among promoters of projects between India and Europe, and in particular from Young leaders. Launched in January 2006 by two old friends of India with an extensive industrial, government and academic background in Europe and in India, EIEBG brings together business persons, experts, artists and members of various associations from India and from Europe. It has to date nearly 8000 members and contacts with a dozen of clubs in India and in Europe.

EIEBG is an open forum supporting initiatives that promote business and cultural relations between India and Europe, in a flexible manner. It facilitates the passage for Indians promoting business and cultural projects with Europe, supports such projects in many ways and opens the doors of India to Europeans who want to discover this new giant of the 21st century.

Jean-Joseph Boillot and Philippe Humbert Co-founders, EIEBG forum


Partnership with : EU-India Business Summit

Held annually, the EU-India Business Summit is the most high-level platform for exchange between EU and Indian business and political leaders. With pretigious partners like TERI, CII, FICCI, FEB and BUSINESSEUROPE.

Euro India Summit



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Partnership with Asia Society :

20th Asian Corporate Conference Please visit the website : http://www.asiasociety.org/



The Ethical code of the EIEBG network is based on the Bertrand Russel definition:

1- Consider a person A who becomes happy by doing action X that affects another person B.
If A becomes happy also by the same action X done to A by B, then X is an ethical action.

2- Consider an action Y taken by A to make himself happy, that affects the entire society.
If all in that society were to take the same action Y, will all individuals feel happy? If yes, then the action is ethical. Will the society continue to function or survive in the long run? If yes, action Y is ethical.